The worlds first full day nutritional regimen designed for high school athletes. The essentials regime was designed by Lauren Gardner (former SEC nutritionist, head of nutrition at Victory Pack) specifically for student athletes competing and studying at the highest levels. Each daily pack is built to support a full day for the student athlete and includes:

  • Victory - Essential Morning Grind - Maximize muscle growth and recovery. All natural protein blend with vitamins and probiotics selected for teens.
  • Victory - Essential Brain Builder Greens Blend - Maximize hydration and a super food blend with DHA to support growing brains. 
  • Victory - Essential Pre-Sport Energy  - Fight fatigue with our all natural energy shake. We combine a blend of scientifically tested all natural ingredients including green tea and L-theanine.
  • Victory - Essential Post-Sport Recovery - All natural protein and recovery blend designed to reduce inflammation post practice. We also include an all natural BCAAs blend to aid in muscle regeneration.
  • Victory - Essential Dream Victory - Restful sleep supports muscle growth, recover and can improve performance. We curate a special selection of all natural teas to support restful sleep.